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Workshops Delivered

Here are some of the workshops I have delivered for development purposes in the UK and Overseas. 

  • Applying for HEA Fellowships (D1-D4

  • Principal Fellow Writing Retreat

  • Unlock your career potential with the Society for Education and Training

  • Bolton Local Network Group

  • Managing and Matching Expectations using I.C.E.

  • Applying for Internal Teaching Awards

  • Designing and Choosing Assessment

  • How to be a Transition Pedagogy Rockstar. (With Emily McIntosh) 

  • Using the Full Range of Marks

  • Engaging students with student-led research 

  • Reflective Practice

  • Identifying CPD opportunities 

  • Annual quality monitoring Cross

  • Supervising masters dissertations

  • How to standardize and moderate marking 

  • Understanding marking criteria 

  • Writing learning outcomes 

  • Writing assessments 

  • Feedback/Feedforward

  • Peer observation 

  • Academic misconduct 

  • Governance in HE

  • Enhancement and Student Experience

  • Teaching and supporting learning  

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